The VOL Belief System

The 8 principles that are core to everything we do

The VOL Belief System

At VOL, we are obsessed with helping Enterprises exploit the best of digital technologies to fundamentally transform themselves and derive competitive advantage. However, there is a big gap between the promise and the realized value.

VOL leadership comes with deep experience from Fortune-500 as well as digital natives – and we work with the following core principles to enable enterprises make the fundamental shift in mindset and capabilities to realize the above promise.

1. From Strategy to Execution

To succeed in today’s environment, companies need to operate with a tight coupling between strategy and execution – each informing and refining the other at every step. We at Incedo bring the breadth of talent and mindset that is required to span from Strategy to Execution: in our engagements, we are committed to driving business outcomes – all the way from the Design of Digital Transformation Strategies to Operations. This end-to-end engagement model ensures complete alignment in terms of enabling business outcomes.

2. Focus on Business Outcomes

Technology for the sake of technology has long been the bane of the industry. We, on the other hand, believe that true transformation comes from realizing tangible business outcomes. This is why, every one of our engagements starts with a business metric that needs to be impacted, and the program design and execution is always measured against a quantifiable change in a business KPI, all the way from the design/development to ongoing operations.

3. Bringing the best from Digital Natives

The Digital Natives have shown that Technology no longer supports business – Technology is the Business. Making this transition for an Enterprise is more than a skillset problem – it requires a shift in mindset: to operate with an agile, aggressive, fail-fast approach driven by a Tech first strategy. Our core leadership team comes with rich experience in leadership positions from marquee firms like Flipkart, Groupon, Yahoo!, Google. We bring a strong digital-first mindset into each one of our engagements.

4. Leverage Domain Expertise

As companies move across the technology maturity curve, the next wave of successful firms will be the ones who can exploit the weak signals faster than the competition. We bring deep industry domain experience to our engagements that help us identify the right problems and to solve them more effectively by exploiting the domain and client context nuances to drive targeted solutions that enable our clients to make faster and better decisions.

5. Embrace a Multidisciplinary Approach

The successful execution of digital transformation programs requires a combination of Problem solving, Design Thinking and UX, Data Science and Engineering capabilities. Incedo has invested in building expertise across these range of capabilities. We also believe that it is not just about the talent – which is why we have adopted Agile Product processes to empower our multidisciplinary program teams.

6. Adopt a Services + Platforms approach

The boundary between Services and Platforms is blurring. Our client centric approach is governed by bringing together the proprietary Incedo Digital Platform Suite and partner solutions with our Services. We are product and method agnostic – and focused on choosing the right combination of Services and Products to deliver the right business outcomes.

7. Execute with a 2 Speed mindset

Change is not just accelerating – it is doing with greater uncertainty. To deliver sustainable business outcomes. In this environment, we believe that delivering sustainable business outcomes requires the execution of transformation programs with a 2-speed approach:

  • Speed 1: Solve specific business problems and deliver direct impact in an iterative, agile fashion, driven by business priorities.
  • Speed 2: Through the execution of individual use-cases, develop long-term capabilities with technology platform accelerators, reusable data assets etc.

8. The Global Delivery Model

Global delivery is no longer about cost arbitrage but about putting together the best possible talent at a compelling cost structure. We aim to leverage the Global Delivery model to bridge the ‘talent supply arbitrage’ which becomes even more important given the multidisciplinary skills that are required to deliver on digital transformation initiatives.

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